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This page hosts my Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo emulators.

T3 Title Page


T3 is my multi-session Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo II emulator. It is written in 80386 assembler, and therefore T3 will run only on PCs with an i386 processor or above. It also requires a VGA compatible graphics adapter. T3 is capable of 100% performance on anything more than a 20MHz i386 (it achieves over 1900% on a 233MHz Pentium MMX)!

T3 has a pre-emptive multi-tasking executive which runs up to three Dragon/CoCo sessions simultaneously for each T3 instance. Other features include printing, SoundBlaster sound support, automatic speed control, task image load/save, virtual cassette load/save and snapshot load/save.

T3 can be downloaded from the official T3 home page - click here.

PC-Dragon II Title Page

PC-Dragon II

PC-Dragon II is a Dragon 32, Dragon 64, and Tandy CoCo II emulator which I wrote between June 1993 and December 1994. A new version was also released in June 1997 to incorporate updates and bug fixes since 1994. It has also been updated in March 1998 to support long filenames in a DOS box under Windows 95/98, in March 1999 for improved text mode graphics, and in June 1999 for disk emulation.

PC-Dragon II is much slower than the other two emulators, being written almost entirely in C, but again will run on virtually any PC. A fast i486 processor is recommended for reasonable usability, and a 90MHz Pentium PC is required to obtain 100% speed.

PC-Dragon II includes a very powerful 6809 disassembler and debugger, as well as an IDE to the freeware Motorola 6809 assembler. It is also fully compatible with snapshots from T3 and any version of Jeff Vavasour's CoCo2 emulator. Several utilities which perform file transfers and conversions are packaged with the emulator. This now includes the VCOPY utility by Stewart Orchard (groundwork by Graham Kinns) which reads and writes Dragon floppy disks in a PC floppy drive.

PC-Dragon II is available for download in various versions/packages. Click one or more of the following links as required:

The latest complete release is PC-Dragon v2.02.

Recommended upgrade to PC-Dragon v2.06.

Also available is the PC-Dragon v2.06 Source Code.

And not yet updated is the PC-Dragon v2.02 Postscript Manual.

Release v2.06 is available only from this website and has long filename support, improved text mode graphics and disk emulation. The upgrade contains new and changed files only - to use it you must have a previous version of PC-Dragon II already installed.

For disk emulation you will additionally need a disk ROM such as DragonDOS or SuperDOS E6, and for OS9 emulation you will need both of the Dragon 64 BASIC ROMs and a disk ROM plus a bootable OS9 virtual disk. Currently the keyboard is not very responsive with OS9; it works best if you select 'Real' keyboard emulation mode but if you have a fast PC then this will auto-repeat very quickly.

See also Dragon Emulator Software for some useful PC-Dragon II tools.

Archive of Obsolete Emulators

If you have trouble running the latest emulators and would like to try out older versions of them then please feel free to step into the Archive of Obsolete Emulators.

Dragon and Tandy CoCo ROM Binaries

To use the emulators you will need to download the Dragon/Tandy CoCo ROM binaries in addition to the emulator binaries.

Since the ROMs are subject to copyright they aren't available from this site.

Dragon Emulator Software

The following utilities are written specifically for use with Dragon emulators.

Graphics Modes Test Utility

Speed Measurement Utility

Custom Colours Configuration Utility (for PC-Dragon II only)

These programs are written in BASIC.