Archive of Obsolete Emulators

Welcome to the Archive of Obsolete Emulators. From here you can obtain old versions of my Dragon & Tandy CoCo emulators.

This page lists all emulator packages in my personal archive (a couple of others also exist in source code only). Some of the emulators listed here are available for immediate download.

Only freely distributable emulators can be found here. If you download an emulator from this page then please remember to read the usage restrictions included with the emulator. Thankyou.

"T3" V0.8

"T3" V0.7

"T3" V0.6

"T3" V0.5

"PC-Dragon II"V2.05beta (upgrade)

"PC-Dragon II"V2.04beta (upgrade)

"PC-Dragon II"V2.03beta (upgrade)

"PC-Dragon II" V2.01

"PC-Dragon I" V1.3g

"PC-Dragon I" V1.2c

"PC-Dragon I" V1.1c