Current Hunt:

The Current Armchair Treasure Hunt

The 2013 Hunt was set by Brian Jackson and Phil Stockton. The hunt is now over. The results have been published. Thank you to all those who took part; we hope you had some fun.

Instructions, updates, and errata are available on the notes page. You may need to allow Blocked Content for all the links to appear/work.

For general information about the Hunt see the ATH Guide and the FAQ.

If you have any comments on the solution, then mail Brian and Phil on We, especially Brian, have spent a lot of time marking the hunt and want a break from ATH duties. Also, Brian has started a new contract so there may be a delay in replying to any queries.

The Prizes are listed in the results document and will be awarded in the usual format of vouchers. No person or team may win more than one prize. Only CGI SSC subscribing members are eligible for prizes.

4 March 2014We have reserved an area in the Parcel Yard at Kings Cross Station from 6pm. The prize giving will start around 7:15pm. We hope to see you there.
31 January 2014The 2013 CGI Armchair Treasure Hunt results are available. Click here to download the results and hunters tales.
17 January 2014The 2013 CGI Armchair Treasure Hunt is now over. Click here to download the solution and setters notes.
21 December 2013The 2013 CGI Armchair Treasure Hunt has been published. Click here to download the corrected version i.e. with errata applied.
7 December 2013Second Poster published.
14 November 2013First Poster published.